How To Play Princess Maker 2?

How many endings are in Princess Maker 2?

According to the ” Princess Maker Collection 1.2″ book, there are 74 possible endings. It is possible to get both a career ending and a marriage ending.

How do I get more horsepower in my Princess Maker 2?

This can be raised by taking Fighting or Fencing classes. Valkria raises this on her second visit. It may also be increased by the type of equipment your daughter uses, and the Strength stat can increase Combat Attack points too.

How do you increase sensitivity in Princess Maker 2?

In Princess Maker 2, vacationing with Olive in the mountains will increase her sensitivity and decrease her stress, as well as raise her relationship with you. Going here in spring and summer lowers Stress by -3 per day and raises Sensitivity by 1 per day.

Is Princess Maker free?

You can play Princess Maker 2 online here, in web browser for free!

How many endings does Princess Maker have?

There are 60 endings in this game ranging from the typical ones like General and Hero, to some more distinctive like Gambler and Freelancer. There are also many “magical” endings, with not only the princess ending, but princess of darkness, cats, etc. She can also marry a variety of people.

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How do you beat the war god in Princess Maker 2?

The god can be defeated through melee attacks, but it’s going to be longer since he has good resistance to melee attacks, and his high combat skill will make Olive miss ever so often. He’s less resistant to magic attacks and won’t dodge any of them, but still puts a decent defense against them too.

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