How To Play Music Through Uconnect?

How do I play music through Bluetooth in my Jeep?

On your Uconnect® touch screen, fine the “Phone” icon. Press that, and then press “Yes.” In your smartphone, go to the options or settings and find Bluetooth ®. You should see Uconnect® or Wrangler as an option for pairing.

Can I play Spotify through Uconnect?

Uconnect also offers Bluetooth® connectivity, meaning that the Spotify or Apple Music playlists that you’ve created will soon be able to be played on the premium audio systems that Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM models offer. Best of all, up to 10 devices can connect to Uconnect at one time!

Can you play YouTube on Uconnect?

Many Apple® and Android mobile devices are compatible with the Uconnect ® app. Customers can watch the how-to video on the Uconnect ® YouTube channel. There are helpful tips and how-to information for using Remote Services( Disclosure30), location services, the Uconnect app and settings within the app.

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Is Uconnect Bluetooth?

With one-touch access to Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ capabilities, available Uconnect ® infotainment systems in Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram models will help you stay connected to information and entertainment.

Can you play music through Uconnect Jeep?

Your smartphone integrates seamlessly with your available Uconnect ® system to let you make and receive calls 1, reply to text messages 2 using your voice, play songs and more, right from your Jeep Brand vehicle.

Why is my Bluetooth only calling audio?

Go to Settings> Bluetooth, tap the gear icon next to that device in the list, and make sure Media Audio is turned on. I have the same problem, when I connect to the device icon, It only shows audio call on/ioff not media. It was possible before

Why can’t I play Spotify in my car?

If the Spotify app on your car’s media system isn’t working, try these steps: Make sure your car’s connected to the internet. Restart your car (by turning the ignition off then on again). If possible, delete the Spotify app then reinstall it.

How do I add apps to Uconnect?

Launch the Uconnect Access app on your connected smartphone and log in with your Mopar Owner Connect Username/Email and password. From the vehicle touchscreen select an app from the apps list. To launch an app using voice recognition, press the button on the steering wheel and say, “launch [ app name] Via Mobile”.

How can I play music from my phone in my car without AUX or Bluetooth?

Depending on your phone, this could be an Apple Lightning cable, USB-C cable, or an older micro-USB cord. USB input is the only option that lets you play music from your phone to car without any form of AUX or Bluetooth.

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Is there a free version of Uconnect?

You may be eligible for a complimentary trial of available Uconnect Access 19, featuring services like 9-1-1 Call 20, Roadside Assistance Call 3, Remote Vehicle Start 4 and more. Find out if you are eligible for a trial and how you can reconnect.

Can I get Google Maps on Uconnect?

If you have an Android phone (i.e. you refuse to drink the Apple Kool-aid), you can use Android Auto to put Google Maps on the UConnect screen.

How do I add Bluetooth to my Uconnect?

Go to settings/options in your Android phone. Under Bluetooth ®, search for wireless networks. Select Uconnect ®. When asked, enter the 4-digit number that appears on the Uconnect ® screen and accept.

How do I activate free Uconnect?

How to activate your Uconnect Access subscription

  1. Press the “Apps” button on your vehicle’s infotainment screen.
  2. Select “ Uconnect Registration.”
  3. Select “Register By Web” and enter your email.
  4. Open the email and click on on the provided link, which will take you to a registration process on Mopar’s website.

How do I activate Uconnect?

To activate your service, follow these simple steps:

  1. Press the Assist button on your rearview mirror.
  2. Press the activate button on the Touchscreen, followed by the Customer Care Button.
  3. Speak with an agent who will get you started.
  4. From inside your vehicle, push the Assist button on your rearview mirror.

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