How To Play Jingle Bell Rock?

Do U Hear What I Hear chords?

F#m C#m A Child, a Child shivers in the cold D E C# Let us bring Him silver and gold D E7 A Let us bring Him silver and gold. [Instrumental] (Key Change) Bb Ab Bb [Verse 4] Bb Ab/F Bb Said the king to the people everywhere, Bb Listen to what I say ( Listen to what I say) Bb Ab/F Bb Pray for peace, people everywhere!

Is Jingle Bell Rock a Thanksgiving song?

According to, the jingling bells refer to the New England sleigh races that were popular in the 1800s. After Pierpont performed the song during a Thanksgiving concert, it was officially published in 1857. Decades later, Christmas adopted ‘ Jingle Bells ‘ as its own.

Is Jingle Bell Rock copyrighted?

Examples of songs that you cannot use freely without prior consent of the work’s rights owner include: White Christmas. Frosty the Snow Man. Jingle Bell Rock.

Who wrote Jingle Bells?

But how much do you know about “Jingle Bells?” Legend says that the song made its debut in 1850 in Medford, Massachusetts, composed by James Lord Pierpont. Pierpont was a native of the town and wanted to write something to commemorate the town’s annual sleigh races around Thanksgiving.

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