How To Play Exanima?

How long does it take to beat Exanima?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 1 8h
All PlayStyles 1 8h

How do you pick up items in Exanima?

Just press G or something and your character “grabs” it (doesn’t even need to directly touch it, could just be a general animation) and then it’s in his hands.

Can you talk to people in Exanima?

You can talk while performing any action. Dialogue can have practical applications, you can point at something or someone, even while walking, and say something relevant. Tactical applications during combat can also be part of the same dialogue system.

Can you heal in Exanima?

Similar to the player he has Temporary damage that heals over time, and he has Permanent damage that requires you to use the potion on him.

Where can I find Derrin Exanima?

A villager of Pirn found in a room on Level 1 when playing as UNKNOWN. Recruit-able as a companion. He is farm hand who was thrown into this dungeon by bandits likely led by Hamon.

Will Exanima have multiplayer?

Exanima provides a reasonably complete and meaningful game experience, but many more features are on their way! More complete arena game modes featuring outdoor arenas. Complex NPC interactions and dialogue. Cooperative and competitive LAN multiplayer.

What is the current version of Exanima?

Exanima 0.8 is out, and it’s our biggest update yet. The thaumaturgy system is here, the largest content addition to date, new creatures, new features and many improvements.

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