How To Play Best Fiends?

What is the point of best fiends?

Best Fiends is a color-matching free-to-play puzzle game set in the tiny insect universe of Minutia. Your goal is to defeat the villainous Slugs of Mount Boom by tracing lines of same-colored tiles.

What do blue Meteormites do in best fiends?

Every time you upgrade your Fiend, it increases his/her attack power. In addition to attack power; every fifth upgrade *up to level 20* also improves the special power of your Fiends. You will start finding yellow Meteormites very early in the game. Blue Meteormites appear a little later in the game.

How many levels does best fiends have 2020?

Best Fiends Now Has 2,000 Levels!

Do you ever get to Mount boom in best fiends?

To get to Mount Boom, they’ll need to become … the Best Fiends.

Can you play best fiends on laptop?

When you play Best Fiends – Puzzle Adventure on Mac and PC, you unlock a world of extra features and benefits only available to BlueStacks users. Learn more about the amazing world of BlueStacks and see how easy it is to play Best Fiends on Mac and PC by watching the brief video above.

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Why is best fiends not working?

If your game still crashes after updating both the game and OS, please try the following: Shut down Best Fiends, restart your device and then re-launch the game. Shut down any/all background apps and launch the game. If the game crashes on launch, please launch the game with aeroplane mode switched on.

What is the lightning bolt on best fiends?

It’s the Blitz Meter. Once you become powerful enough (around the beginning of World 2), you’ll enter Blitz Mode, where you literally blast through everything – even Boss Fights! Keep upgrading your Fiends during Blitz to sustain the mode for as long as you can and increase the speed!

What to do with diamonds in best fiends?

Diamonds can be used in the Store to buy:

  1. Bombs.
  2. Coins.
  3. Damage / Coin boosts (2x, last for the current world)
  4. One-off doubles. Damage. Coins. Boom Stones.

How do you kill a slug?

Pouring salt on a slug will kill it in a matter of seconds, however, it generally takes quite a bit of salt to do so. The salt kills the slug through osmosis – it draws water from inside the slug and rapidly dehydrates it.

What is a combo in best fiends?

A combo is simply getting numerous special powers to activate all at once. For example, you can hit a bird with a bomb, that will cause the bird to fly to a red collector, that will collect all the red strawberries. Then, sit back, and watch those beautiful combos do their magic.

How do you get more fiends in best fiends?

Fiends are an essential part of Best Fiends. As you progress in the game and get closer to Mt. Boom, you will find more Fiends to join your team. You can find nearly all normal Fiends by opening the cages with Keys at the end of each level.

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How do you activate a converter in best fiends?

Note: you can never start a match with a converter, but rather you must always get at least one block of a matching color next to it so that you can trigger it! Activate a converter by dragging a match from a similarly colored block!

How do you get gold bars in best fiends?

You can collect items by completing levels, defeating Slugs and spinning the Fiend of Fortune. Rewards for completing the Collection Event include in-game resources like keys, gold, and a Fiend Style!

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