How To Play A Soundboard Through Discord?

Do soundboards work on discord?

They will be rendered through two outputs: a virtual audio cable and your speakers. With this soundboard for Discord, you can allow soundboards to be saved whenever you desire. Also, this software includes a converter tool that allows you to change any audio file and convert it into a compatible one with your needs.

How do you use a soundboard on discord mobile?

Install Discord and open it. Navigate to the User Settings cog near the bottom left of the main window. In Voicemod, select the Voicebox feature on the left side of the main window. Your new voice should now be coming through your microphone signal and into Discord!

How do you make your own soundboard?

Build a board in three steps

  1. Login (or register, it’s free) and click the Create New Soundboard button under My Account.
  2. Follow the Soundboard Creation Wizard as it guides you, step-by-step, through customizing your board – remembering that you can edit your info at a later time.
  3. Add clips, tracks, sounds.

Is Voicemod a virus?

Yes, since, Voicemod is not a malware or a virus you can easily and completely uninstall this app from your computer by following the same uninstall process which you follow for removing other legitimate programs.

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Is Voicemod free?

Voicemod is the best free voice changing software for gamers, content creators, and vtubers.

How do I use Voicemod?


  1. Download Voicemod and install.
  2. Close all communications programs.
  3. Open Voicemod.
  4. If this is your first time running Voicemod, follow the setup instructions. If not, open Settings.
  5. Select your microphone as the input device.
  6. Select your headphones as the output device.
  7. Click Ok.

Is Voicemod for discord safe?

Is Voicemod safe for Discord? Yes, it’s a safe app to download use not just for Discord, but also for Twitch, Skype, OBS, Teamspeak, VR Chat, XSplit and for all your favorite games.

How do you set up a mixing console?

PA system/ mixer setup order

  1. Turn all gain knobs and level controls all the way down.
  2. Connect each piece of gear in the following order:
  3. Once levels are down and everything is connected, power everything on.
  4. Set gain/ mix /speaker levels and sound check.
  5. Once you’re ready, continue to the mixer setup instructions.

How much is Voicemod pro?

$20 for lifetime license, $10 for a year, $3 or $4 for 3 months. When you download it, and click get Voicemod pro, it’ll show you the pricing options.

Is Voicemod on mobile?

Voicemod Clips – Android and iOS App. Voicemod Clips is a mobile app that lets you create original content with your Android or iOS smartphone to share on social networks like Instagram Stories, TikTok, Instagram Reels, Triller, byte or Snapchat, as well as messaging apps like WhatsApp.

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