FAQ: Scp Secret Laboratory How To Play?

What do you do in SCP secret laboratory?


  1. SCPs win the round by killing all Class- D personnel, scientists, and Nine-Tailed Fox Units, and preventing Class- D from escaping.
  2. Class- D have two win conditions: At least one Class- D must successfully escape, and the Nine-Tailed Fox and scientist must all be killed.

How do you play SCP?

SCP -049-2 is the easiest SCP to play. Basically, all you need to do is follow SCP -049 orders. When he tells you to guard someplace then you stay there and guard that place, if you see someone entering that place and you have no chances of killing that person then tell that to rest of the SCPs.

How do you play SCP 106 secret lab?

SCP – 106 can be re-contained using the “femur breaker” located in 106’s containment chamber, located in Heavy Containment Zone. One player is required to enter a small alcove in the control area, after which they will die. Another player is then required to press a button on the opposite wall.

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What is scp000?

Description: SCP – 000 is a full-color, 200-page catalogue printed on gloss paper. Front page reads “THE OFFICIAL SCP SALES CATALOGUE” in large red letters on the front, with a yellow star reading “Hundreds of bargains!” in the lower right-hand corner.

What SCP can you not look at?

SCP -096 itself will wander around the room, making it difficult to avoid looking at its face.

How do you kill in the secret lab?

You need a weapons tablet to activate each panel. Place the tablet, wait 2 minutes, repeat for all 5. Each will activate a generator that increases SCP-079’s AP regen. After all 5 are activated, he’ll have unlimited AP for a minute, then die.

How much does SCP secret laboratory cost?

We are providing affordable SCP: Secret Laboratory server hosting for only $4.90/month. At this price you can ‘t go wrong.

How does SCP 106 kill you?

SCP – 106 will search the map for you and chase you down (at a slow pace) until he kills you, unless you get far enough away. SCP – 106 will attempt to punch you; if he hits, you will be transported to his Pocket Dimension, but if you retreat fast enough, he will fail, leaving you unharmed.

How do you beat SCP 106 SCP secret lab?

To do so, you need a Containment Engineer, Facility Manager or an O5 keycard so you can open the door to his room. Afterwards someone has to walk into the small room with the redlight, this will kill them and the door closes behind them.

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What does SCP 106 do to its victims?

Once its prey is cornered, SCP – 106 will incapacitate them (usually by breaking bones or severing tendons) before pulling them into its “pocket dimension” via the dark patches it leaves behind on walls.

Which SCP is slender man?

Quora User, Read through many articles and watched reviews. No, Slenderman is not an SCP. He’s a Creepypasta, and all creepypastas have no relation to the SCP Foundation. The closet thing to Slenderman is SCP -173, and which both hinge on vision, but they’re polar opposites.

How does SCP-049 kill you?

Behavior and Procedure. SCP – 049’s touch is extremely lethal to humans, killing those that come into contact with it within minutes. SCP – 049 then produces out of his body a black bag filled with medical and surgical tools, then begins surgery on the victim, inserting several unknown chemicals into the corpse.

Is SCP 096 still alive?

It’s arguably immortal. During a termination attempt by the Foundation it was put against SCP -682. 096’s internal organs and skin were torn off, leaving only a skeleton. However, it was still alive.

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