FAQ: How To Play Music Through Discord Voice Chat?

How do you play music in discord chat?

Join a voice channel. Type “! play,” followed by a space and the artist or song you wish to listen to. Hit “Enter and the bot will search for the artist or song on YouTube and play it.

How do you play audio through mic discord?

From the side menu, click “Voice & Video.” At the top screen, change the “Input Device” to Stereo Mix. Under “Input Mode,” ensure the checkmark is set to “Voice Activity” not “Push to Talk.” The former allows sounds played through the mic to be heard by users in a discord channel.

How do you add a music bot to discord mobile?

How to Play Music in Discord on Android

  1. Go to https://discordbots.org in a web browser. Playing music in Discord requires using a Discord bot.
  2. Tap Music.
  3. Tap to know more about a bot.
  4. Tap INVITE on the bot you want to install.
  5. Sign in to leave.
  6. Select a server.
  7. Tap on AUTHORIZE.
  8. Tap I’m not a robot.

Why does my audio play through my mic?

Sound Settings: If in the sound settings the input device or the output device is selected as “stereo mix” it prompts the output (your speakers) and the input (your microphone ) sounds to mix. This can cause a problem where the in-game audio is heard from the mic.

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Is Voicemod safe?

Does Voicemod have a virus? No. The real Voicemod program from the official voicemod.net website is safe, trustworthy, and clean of any adware trickery.

How do you send audio through microphone?

Right-click on your audio icon in the task bar and choose “Open Sound settings“. Choose “CABLE Input (VB- Audio Virtual Cable)” as Output. Choose “CABLE Output (VB- Audio Virtual Cable)” as Input. Play some music, you will see that now the sound goes to the microphone but you will not hear anything.

What discord bot can play Spotify?

With the Hydra bot, you can stream songs from YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, or Bandcamp. In fact, Hydra is the best Discord Spotify bot. You can also upload audio files to play or stream online radio.

What are the commands for rythm bot?

Rythm bot commands

play Plays a song with the given name or URL.
clean Deletes the bot’s messages and commands.
pause Pauses the currently playing track.
removedupes Removes duplicate songs from the queue.
volume Check or change the current volume.


How do I play music from discord on my iPhone?

How to Play Music in Discord on iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to https://www.discordbots.org in a web browser.
  2. Tap Music.
  3. Tap View on a bot to learn more.
  4. Tap Invite to install a bot.
  5. Sign in to your Discord account.
  6. Tap the server name.
  7. Tap Done.
  8. Tap Authorize.

What does Carl bot do in discord?

The Carl Bot is an advanced bot that allows you to manage logs, store chats, and create reaction roles, like many Discord server bots available online.

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How do you skip songs on discord?

skip “command to skip to the next song. If there are 3 or more people in a voice channel the vote to skip will take effect.

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