FAQ: How To Play Mobile Legends?

Where can I play mobile legends?

Now you can play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on PC and Mac without worrying about going through any extra hassles. Simply download the free BlueStacks player and sign in with your Google account. BlueStacks gives you the freedom to show your might and power anytime and anywhere.

Is Mobile legend easy?

It is very easy to get used to the controls of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Once again, even the beginners can easily figure out which buttons to press and what to do on the battlefield. The gameplay is fast and simple, but it also allows the execution of complex strategies, if you are feeling like it.

Who is the strongest hero in ML?

10 Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends

  • Khufra. Khufra.
  • Lancelot. Lancelot.
  • Ling. Ling.
  • Luo Yi. Luo Yi.
  • Esmeralda. Esmeralda.
  • Selena. Selena.
  • Yi Sun Shin. Yi Sun Shin.
  • Lunox. Lunox. Finally there is Lunox who is a hero mage with damage burst which is quite high.
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What is the best hero in ML?

List of the Best Mobile Legends Heroes Per Role

  • Tank — Grock.
  • Assassin — Fanny.
  • Marksman — Lesley.
  • Fighter — Chou.
  • Mage — Kagura.
  • Support — Diggie.

Who is the best fighter in mobile legends?


Tier Mobile Legends character
S Chou, Paquito, Phoveus
A Aldous, Guinevere, Jawhead, Silvanna, Yu Zhong
B Alucard, Bane, Freya, Hilda, Khaleed, Lapu-Lapu, Leomord, Roger, Ruby, Zilong
C Alpha, Argus, Badang, Balmond, Masha, Sun, Thamuz, X.Borg


How can I play mobile legends like a pro?

Here are the top tips to be a successful pro player in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang:

  1. Schedule a Daily Practice.
  2. Be Physically and Mentally Healthy.
  3. Be Active in MLBB Communities.
  4. Grind Your Way Up.
  5. Gain Competitive Experience.

What is CC in mobile legends?

Crowd Control (commonly shortened to CC ) is a blanket term used in MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) and MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) to describe abilities or spells that remove or diminish the control a target unit has over aspects of itself – aspects such as being able to cast spells

Will mobile legends die?

Mobile legends won’t die.

Who is the first hero in mobile legends?

Regarding the first hero in Mobile Legends, the answer is hero Miya. When this article was written, there are 101 heroes that you can play in Mobile Legends. The series of heroes have their own unique abilities, starting from the marksman, mage, support, tank, fighter and assassin heroes.

What are the negative effects of mobile games?

Adverse Effects of Mobile Games on Child’s Brain

  • Children become violent: Most video games contain violent stuff.
  • Lack of Attention: Mobile games destroy the lack of attention spans.
  • Concentration Issue:
  • Intense Symptoms of Inattentive ADHD:
  • Short Tempered and Impulsive:
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Who is the weakest hero in mobile legends?

10 Mobile Legends Weakest Heroes That You Should Just Avoid From Using Them

  • Argus.
  • Minsitthar.
  • Alucard.
  • Saber.
  • Eudora.
  • Vale.
  • Odette.
  • Minotaur. Of the many Tank heroes available in the game, Minotaur is probably the only Tank hero who’s really weak in comparison to other Tank heroes in general.

Who is the easiest assassin in ML?

Compared to all assassins, Helcurt is the most basic hero in Mobile Legends. Easy, effective skills, no need for high mechanics, and easy to learn. This makes him a good fit for this list.

Who is the hardest marksman in ML?

1. Granger. Granger is the newest marksman hero that has very critical and burst damage in Legends. Both of these make Granger the strongest marksman in Mobile Legends because he can kill anything easily.

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