FAQ: How To Play Kantai Collection?

Does kantai collection have a game?

The game was launched on April 23, 2013. As of April 2015, the game is available in Japan only and has 3 million registered players.

Kantai Collection
Release JP: April 23, 2013
Genre(s) Online web browser game Fleet raising simulation


Does kantai collection have an English version?

KanColleEn allows you to play Kantai Collection in English by modifying the game data received from the game server.

How do you play KanColle on Reddit?

Register using KC3 Next from your KC3 options, select ‘ Play via DMM Website’ which will direct you to the Kancolle page. Press F12 and select the Kancolle panel on the development bar, which should prompt the game to start loading and ask you to select a server.

How do I connect to KanColle?

Computer users:

  1. Install SoftEther VPN Client Manager. Then go into VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers.
  2. Connect to a Japan IP address.
  3. Login into the KanColle Game.
  4. After you get into the game, you can disconnect the Japan IP Address and play the game as per usual.

Is KanColle free?

Most big social games are designed to run on iOS and Android, which means they have dedicated apps, since Adobe’s Flash format does not work on these devices. However, in “ KanColle,” such paid items are not mandatory for progression in the game, which means it can be played for free by a wider number of people.

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Is kantai collection still popular?

The popularity has definitely faded, but we are still far from the point where the game would get closed down. The franchise is still a big one and also much larger than Azur Lane’s, currently.

Why are ship girls a thing?

But why personify them as girls? Because we humans have refer ships with feminine pronoun ‘she’ (and other variations in other languages) since a long time ago. And even in Japan they have the term 姉妹艦 ( Probably because we always have a fascination towards military stuff such as tanks, warships, or warplanes.

What is a ship girl?

shipgirl (plural shipgirls) (chiefly Japanese fiction) A female fictional humanoid character featuring design elements of a ship, such as anchors, naval guns or torpedo tubes. Usually is a namesake moe anthropomorphization of a real life warship.

Is KanColle a Gacha?

KanColle is the ultimate F2P gacha game and nothing beats KanColle for it.

Is KanColle Season 2 Cancelled?

A second season was announced way back in the day, but we haven’t heard much about it—until now. Now C2 Kikan, Kadokawa and Engi are announcing that KanColle season 2 is on for 2022.

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