FAQ: How To Play Jinx Adc?

How do you play jinx?

There is only one way to Jinx or be Jinxed –you must say the same words as another person out loud simultaneously. The consequences, however, are completely up to you. Say ” Jinx ” when you and the person you’re speaking to say the same word or phrase simultaneously. Say ” Jinx ” before the other person can say it.

Is jinx a good ADC?

Game plan. Jinx is one of the best ADCs to master now due to her ability to take over games from the laning phase. The combination of Kraken Slayer and Runaan’s Hurricane makes her very strong and so it’s important to reach that phase safely if possible.

Is jinx good for beginners?

League of Legends. Jinx, the Loose Cannon, is a fairly simple champion for beginners of League of Legends. While her kit is simple, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to show a high level of skill when playing this ADC.

How do you reply to jinx?

” Jinx ” is also a term used when two people say the same thing at the same time and the person who says jinx first makes the other person not speak until somebody says his or her name. The only prevention for this state is to yell the word “buttercup” after the jinx. This can be countered by ” Jinx no buttercups”.

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What does jinx mean?

: one that brings bad luck also: the state or spell of bad luck brought on by a jinx. jinx. verb. jinxed; jinxing; jinxes.

Why do we say jinx?

The Online Etymology Dictionary states that ‘jynx’, meaning a charm or spell, was in usage in English as early as the 1690s. Jynx/ jinx is traced to the 17th-century word jyng, meaning “a spell”, and ultimately to the Latin word iynx, also spelled jynx, as ‘j’ and ‘i’ are the same letter in Latin.

How do I get S+ on Jinx?

Have a pleasant day. S/ S+ are the legendary games where you solo carry your team, barely die, and have huge cs numbers. (20+ kills and 1-5 deaths). It will feel like the perfect game.

When should I play jinx?

Rules. A jinx can be initiated when at least two people say any same word or phrase at the same time. Typically, after the coincidental voicing of the same content, the individuals compete to say the word ” jinx ” before the other, with the slower respondent being the “loser” or “jinxee.”

What is jinx age?

Desmond Anthony Ladonn Brady (born: November 13, 1992 (1992-11-13) [ age 28]), better known online as Jinx, is an American YouTube personality who was a former full-time reactor, and was one of the first to be able to do the genre full time.

How do I get free jinx Skins?

Wild Rift’s exclusive Glorious Jinx skin is now available to unlock for free for a limited time. A player must win a minimum of ten ranked games to reach Wild Rift’s Season 2 Gold Rank. As a reward, he/she will be awarded the stylish Glorious Jinx skin, which for the time being, is exclusive to Wild Rift.

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What should I build in jinx?

Jinx Item Build

  • Berserker’s Greaves.
  • Kraken Slayer.
  • Rapid Firecannon.
  • Mortal Reminder.

Is jinx good right now?

Right now is definitely a great time to play Jinx. She’s currently arguably the best adc, being S+ tier with almost 53% winrate and a high pickrate. She has a weaker early game though, but in return her late game is insane.

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