FAQ: How I Learned To Drive Play?

What is the theme of How I Learned to Drive?

Memory and Trauma How I Learned to Drive explores the effects of trauma on memory and, indeed, of memory on trauma. Told retrospectively from the viewpoint of Li’l Bit, who was sexually exploited in her adolescence by Uncle Peck, the play presents the way trauma inhabits the memory of its principal character.

What is the climax of How I Learned to Drive?

Uncle Peck proposes to Li’l Bit at the hotel room in Philadelphia on her 18th birthday. Age 17. Li’l Bit and her family are engaging in a “typical family dinner”, discussing her large chest as she expresses her desire to go to college to take a class on Shakespeare.

What drink does Li L Bit order in the restaurant scene?

The next flashback takes place in a fancy restaurant in 1968. Peck is treating Li’l Bit for passing her driving test first time. He orders her oysters and martinis, the latter of which she knocks back one after another despite being underage.

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Who is the protagonist in How I Learned to Drive?

Paula Vogel’s play How I Learned to Drive opened in New York in February 1997. The play concerns an affair between its protagonist, named Li’l Bit, and her uncle Peck.

Who wrote the play How I Learned to Drive?

And Why They’re Driving Again. The writer Paula Vogel, the director Mark Brokaw, and the actors Mary-Louise Parker and David Morse on returning to a wrenching play two decades later.

What is the major dramatic question for How I Learned to Drive?

In the case of How I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel, the major dramatic question centers around the actions and decisions made by the main protagonist Lil Bit. The play forays into the grotesque experience of familial sexual abuse and the issues surrounding repression of negative memories.

What is the name of the county where Peck grows up?

Peck, Idaho
Coordinates: 46°28′26″N 116°25′30″WCoordinates: 46°28′26″N 116°25′30″W
Country United States
State Idaho
County Nez Perce


Where is Uncle Peck from?

Li’l Bit grows up with her mother, grandparents, and Aunt Mary and Uncle Peck, an attractive man in his forties originally from South Carolina. When the family joke about the big bosom she is developing, only Peck shows her kindness.

Why did Paula Vogel write learned to drive?

Playwright Paula Vogel aimed to write a reverse ‘Lolita’ with ‘How I Learned to Drive,’ now at the Cleveland Play House (preview) CLEVELAND, Ohio – Paula Vogel has said that “How I Learned to Drive ” is about the gifts we receive from the people who hurt us. No one has come up with a better description.

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What special thing does Uncle Peck do to celebrate Lil Bit getting her license?

Uncle Peck, she tells the audience, taught her well. The action jumps backward to when Li’l Bit is sixteen and has just earned her driver’s license and Peck brings her to an elegant inn to celebrate. Peck has Li’l Bit served several cocktails.

How do I learn to drive publisher?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781559365642
Publisher: Theatre Communications Group
Publication date: 04/24/2018
Edition description: Stand-Alone TCG Edition
Pages: 96

How do I learn to drive my grandfather?

Li’l Bit’s grandfather, also called Big Papa, is the husband of Li’l Bit’s grandmother and is played by the Male Greek Chorus. He is deeply misogynistic, believing that women have only two responsibilities: providing food and sex for men.

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