FAQ: Explain How A Playwright Uses Characters To Affect The Overall Play And Experience.?

What character changes with the plot?

A dynamic character changes with the plot. A static character doesn’t change and has few traits.

Which character type is common within a specific genre Stock static dynamic archetypal?


What is Creon’s attitude toward Teiresias?

Creon’s attitude toward Teiresias is patronizing. Option B is correct. In Greek mythology, Tiresias was a blind prophet of Apollo in Thebes, famous for clairvoyance and for being transformed into a woman for seven years. Tiresias participated in seven generations in Thebes.

Which type of character is Teiresias?

Teiresias, also spelled ” Tiresias ” in some translations, is a blind prophet of Apollo, called to Thebes by Oedipus in the hopes that he will reveal who murdered King Laius. Teiresias refuses to reveal the murderer’s identity. This frustrates Oedipus, who then accuses Teiresias of treason and mock his blindness.

Which theme does Teiresias prophecy reveal?

Antigone by Sophocles: Scene 5, Paean

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Which theme does Teiresias ‘ prophecy reveal? Divine authority holds the ultimate power.


How do character interactions affect the plot?

One way your character affects the plot is with their ambitions. Ambition is what drives us as humans, and it is no different for the character you have created. Their ambition drives them, which then leads them to drive the plot.

How and why does Creon’s attitude toward Teiresias change during the scene?

How and why does Creon’s attitude toward Teiresias change during the scene? He gets angry because Teiresias questions his decision and says the gods are angry about his decision. He is doing everything he can to not blame himself, even saying that Teiresias is fake and a liar.

What is the difference between a stock character and archetype?

About Stock Character That’s the primary difference between a Stock Character and a Character Archetype. Stock Characters are always Flat and Static. While it is possible for Character Archetypes to be Static (especially a supporting character ), they should never be Flat.

Why does Zeus punish the rebels?

Zeus is one of the powerful gods of Greek mythology. In the story of Antigone by Sophocles, he punishes the rebels. It is because he despises the arrogance and proud persona of the rebels. He hates someone who denies a burial, however, Creon fails to look into his message.

What does Teiresias mean?

: a blind seer of Thebes who in one Greek myth is changed into a woman for several years and then changed back to a man.

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What does Teiresias character reveal about the beliefs?

What does Teiresias ‘ character reveal about the beliefs of the ancient Greeks? Gods punish the wicked. Which event occurs at the climax of the play? Creon changes his mind and decides to bury Polyneices and to free Antigone.

What is the purpose of paean?

The purpose of the paean is to worship and honor the gods of ancient Greece. It reveals the ancient Greek belief that the gods favored the Theban citizens and were powerful enough to rescue them from harm.

Is Tiresias blind?

Tiresias, in Greek mythology, a blind Theban seer, the son of one of Athena’s favourites, the nymph Chariclo. He is a participant in several well-known legends.

What are two unique characteristics of Teiresias?

What are two unique characteristics of Teiresias?- He is sad that he has this power because he doesn’t like to give bad news, showing that he is a good man. He is wise but also a little arrogant.

What eventually happens to Jocasta?

What eventually happens to Jocasta? She hangs herself. What does Oedipus, in his sorrow and shame, do? Grabs Jocasta’s brooches and blinds himself.

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