Dual Universe

Beyond Outpost Zebra, there are several official and fan-created resources to cover a plethora of needs and wants. The list below is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good starting point.

If you have found or made something cool you want to share, let us know by using the contact form here. We’ll take a look and add it to the list if it passes the review.

Official Dual Universe Resources and Links

The Dual Universe website is always the best place to start learning more about the game. You’ll find it to be the hub of all things in Dual Universe. From there, you can sign up, pledge and access the majority of official Dual Universe resources.The Dual Universe Forums is by far the largest collection of player-generated content in the game. In here you can read about everything, from official Novaquark announcements to player opinions, organisation pages and more.

The Dual Universe Community Forums hosts information exclusively about organisations and their members. While it’s currently bugged out, you can still read about organisations and their adverts.You can find videos, tutorials and more through the Dual Universe YouTube channel. Remember to subscribe and turn on your notifications.

Follow, retweet, like and share Dual Universe tweets. Novaquark routinely features player-made content and announcements here.Visit the official Facebook page of Dual Universe to meet new and veteran players. Similar to other social platforms, you can keep up to date with Dual Universe events.