The heart of an MMO are the players. Working alone is far less effective than banding together in an organised group. It stands to reason that organisations will shape Dual Universe. And they have since mid 2016. The interplay between the organisations is very much alive with deals being made and broken, with mergers and separations, and with spies and counter-spying to list but a few. While the game may not be a reality yet, the drama very much is.

Even before the launch of the Dual Universe Alpha, there are those in the many established organisations that know: the game has already begun.

The following is a timeline from early 2016 to July 2017 which follows the oldest organisations with more than a handful of members as well as the top 20 organisations, members wise, as of July 2017. Organisations marked with an asterisk (*) have since changed their name.

May to June 2016

Prior to the current community site existing and on the first day of its creation, the following organisations are founded: Galactic Republic of Planets (GRP), Diverse Unified Alliance* (DUA), Objective Driveyards (ODY), Terran Union* (TU), Vulture Corp, Cinderfall Syndicate (CSYN), Silverlight Industries (SLI), Alliance of Free Worlds*, Chromion Industrial (CI), Coalition of Pirates & Smugglers (COPS), Hammertime Gaming*, The Solar Empire (TSE), The Aether, The Outfit, GLSQ and Allied Corporate States (ACS).

Cinderfall Syndicate is founded as an umbrella organisation, (similar to the United Nations) with the following organisations forming a part of it:  Galactic Republic of Planets (GRP), Diverse Unified Alliance (DUA), Objective Driveyards (ODY), Terran Union (TU), Silverlight Industries (SLI), and Chromion Industrial (CI).

July 2016

Where there are people there is always a potential for strife. A month after its creation, COPS disbands due to perceived immaturity and trolling from others. Out of it’s ashes, a new organisation, The Band of Outlaws (BOO), rises under new leadership.

Not long after this drama Empire and FrogSwarm are founded in Dual Universe.

August 2016

Hammertime Gaming merges with Terran Union under the Terran Union’s flag. This is one of the factors which lead to Terran Union quickly becoming the largest organisation in Dual Universe.

September 2016

Alliance of Free Worlds boasts being the largest organisation in Dual Universe, but the celebration is short lived as FrogSwarm numbers surge in early September to make FrogSwarm the largest.

Rivalry between The Solar Empire and FrogSwarm begins as FrogSwarm calls out The Solar Empire for spamming in the forums.

The month of the Dual Universe Kickstarter sees the most changes to the largest organisation rankings. By the end of the month, Terran Union takes the lead followed by Band of Outlaws as the second largest organization where they remain.

October 2016

From the founder of GLSQ, GLSU, a union of small organisations, is founded and also joins the Cinderfall Syndicate. The number of smaller organisations that join Cinderfall Syndicate and GLSU throughout their existence are too numerous to mention and can be found on their respective community sites.

The Solar Empire joins Cinderfall Syndicate.

Vortrex Mining and Science Inc is founded.

In a bid to show just enough freedom, Band of Outlaws invades Cinderfall Syndicate discord with a stream of memes which would become known as the “Battle of Poolamoo”.

November 2016

Alliance of Free Worlds rebrands to the Galactic Commonwealth*.

A small band calling themselves Solar Secure* joins The Solar Empire as security forces.

December 2016

Less than a month later Solar Secure is kicked out due to misbehaviour, such as spamming, among others.  Solar Secure renames themselves to Dual Secure* then continue to form their own nation called The Void Republic (TVR).

January 2017

On the surface, Terran Union continues to grow reaching 400 members, but internally the grumblings of division manifest in the formation of Viridian Dawn, a group created in preparation to rebuild Terran Union under different leadership.

February 2017

Fracturing begins with a Terran Union military group, TUSC, leaving the TU to form a new mercenary organization Vanguard.

March 2017

The Opean Federation is founded.

May 2017

Deemed defunct as a way to rebuild Terran Union, Viridian Dawn is quietly deleted.

June 2017

Terran Union withdraws from Cinderfall Syndicate in a mutually agreed separation.

Terran Union fractures further and with portions breaking to Soul Nebula and The Eldritch Nation. With this, the Terran Union appears to have stabilized and even after this fracturing, it remains the largest single organisation in Dual Universe.

Diverse Unified Accord (previously Diverse Unified Alliance) and Galactic Republic of Planets leave Cinderfall Syndicate, but remain on good terms.

The Brotherhood (founded in April 2017) merges into The Opean Federation, pushing the Federation into the Top 20.

July 2017

Dual Secure renames to TVR National Forces* and then to Coming Soon* which is likely to change in the future.

In an unforeseen move, the Galactic Commonwealth and TVR merge into Unity League and announce their allies, foremost of which is none other than FrogSwarm.

At the same time many organisations that tire of TVR’s shenanigans, sign an embargo against TVR (now Unity League) known as the Obsidio Accords.

TVR keep their old organisation page renaming it to Galactic Exchange.

Vanguard joins the Band of Outlaws.

Cinderfall Syndicate suffers a loss in numbers. Sleeper spies handed legate power to TVR members, who proceeded to slowly kick CSYN members from the community site. The unsanctioned legates were removed, saving Cinderfall from dropping out of the top 10.

Dual Universe could be seen as an experiment to see whether people from across the world can work together to build civilization or devolve into anarchy. The truth may lie somewhere in between.

What has become abundantly clear is that a community has been created with its fair share of alliances, and rivalries. Out of the community, projects such Dual Universe Explorers, DU Sleepers, Alpha Academy, Dual Universe Community Map, and Outpost Zebra have been created with more appearing as alpha draws near. Could community projects like these be seen as a glimmer of hope for civilization?

Only time will tell but the game, it has indeed already begun.

Continued in part 2.