It certainly has been a journey since the first Dual Universe organisations were officially created in early 2016 as previously mentioned in part 1 of this series. This article continues from where part 2 left off from February 2018 extending until the end of November 2018 which marked the beginning of the successful Alpha 1 launch of Dual Universe.

In that timeframe, while Pre-alpha testing raged inside Dual Universe, the large organisations continued to grow and a few new ones were created. Alliances were made and broken. New friends, acquaintances and enemies were made. The drama, usually rife within organisations, in some cases boiled over into more community-driven projects.

All told, the game wrapped within a game was afoot.


March 2018

Following the quiet month of February, March saw the two largest organisations announce milestones of their continued growth. Band of Outlaws (BOO) reach 300 members and Terran Union (TU) reach 700 members.

The Galactic Republic of Planets (GRP) rename to Astrum Empire along with the unveiling of their new website.

April 2018

Winners of outpost building contest are announced. The teams involved show that their organisations are a force to be reckoned with as far as design and building are involved.

The team from Objective Driveyards won the building contest followed by Gallia Gemina and Hyperion, earning them featured places in the building contest video along with a multitude of honourable mentions.

Members of multiple organisations band together in the City Building Pre-Alpha Event. However, the creative constructs of so many prove too much for the older version of Dual Universe leading to the cancellation of the event.

Blue Moon Tavern rebrands to Haven, a place in-game and out where organisation leaders may meet on neutral ground.


Masscorp “Etherial Sirius”, a Russian speaking organisation, is founded in the beginning of April and rapidly grows to its 103 members in April alone. At the time of writing, this number has not changed since, however, it is still large enough to be placed as one of the top 20 Dual Universe organisations.


May 2018
Dark Star Imperium creates its organisation in Dual Universe, its members arriving from Space Engineers clans.


July 2018

The Terran Union set up their Supreme Court through the voice of their Ruling Supreme Court Judge and approved by their Supreme Commander.

The Federation Alpha formally declare their alliance with the fast-growing Dark Star Imperium.

After outstanding growth in numbers which places them in the Top 10, Dark Star Imperium is plagued by member(s) attempting to undermine trust in the Dark Star Imperiums leadership by faking chat screenshots. Those involved are purged from the organisation.


August 2018
Alliances are made and broken in the month of August as The Federation Alpha declare an alliance with The Opean Federation. Additionally PEK declares an alliance with Dark Star Imperium.

Silverlight Industries leaves the Aeonian Federation on good terms, committing to “furthering peaceful and profitable endeavours with any interested organization, but choose to do so in direct agreements” and they “sincerely appreciate all of the work that all the members and administration have put into AFED and wish [them] the best in the future.”

The leader of the Void Republic (TVR) returns yet again to Dual Universe with his new organisation: Void League. His return is accompanied by his usual lieutenants a mere month and a half after their supposed clash over Enzone Dawn’s leadership.

Soon after their return, Void League live streams their intent by expressing their open animosity against several organizations and their overall will to “be cancer”.

The YouTube channel Dual Insider is created, run by the leader of the Void League, previously the Void Republic. The new DU media channel begins to interview members of prominent organisations. Later in the same month, the Void Leagues leader leaves the League in the hands of his lieutenants. Thereafter, the Void League disappears from the public eye.

Meanwhile, Band Of Outlaws celebrates their second anniversary by invading multiple Dual Universe Discord servers with their own brand of meme spam. This is met with mixed reactions from the community, ranging from those joining in the festivities to outright bans.


September 2018
After several months of preparation, Novaquark adopts the unofficial Dual Universe Discord as the official Discord server of Dual Universe, keeping the administration, and moderation staff, as well as the player-run authentication Discord bot, already in place. This, as well as the ordering of players by backer level, causes some controversy within the community.

Free Trade Alliance begins to unravel as Meridian Jumpworks officially leave the alliance, which they helped grow from the remains of the Covalent Collective. The Free Trade Alliance closes their Discord server to outsiders in order to “reorganize”. Following an announcement that all allies should donate three territory units to the alliance, further allies depart, including the Opean Federation, Dark Star Imperium and the Federation Alpha.


October 2018

In early October, the Free Trade Alliance officially disbands.

Dark Star Imperium continue to bolster its support as Meridian Jumpworks sign an economic agreement with DSI. Additionally DSI integrates Reign into their home sector.

The exodus from Aeonian Federation continues as Sector Protectorate officially leave the Aeonian Federation. Sector Protectorate sign a pact with the Federation Alpha.

Tortuga City releases the first episode of “Tales from Tortuga“, cementing their vision and plans for an independent community city-state.

New Genesis (NG) celebrate their growth to 200 members as they crusade a few positions up in the Top 10 organisations. To maintain active members, New Genesis invades the Tortuga discord with crusader memes.

Dual Insider announces a personal association with the leader of the Dark Star Imperium and interviews him about his organisation’s origins, projects, partners and growth.
With the leader of DSI joining the Dual Insider team, some question whether Dual Insider will become a propaganda mouthpiece for DSI. Dual Insider representatives assure this is not the case.

Dark Star Imperium boast about their growing number of Citizen Organizations, several of which belonged to the late Free Trade Alliance, stating these organisations fall under DSI’s banner. The Federation Alpha takes exception to this as they considered themselves independent allies with dual citizenship and not subjugated members.

Due to DSI having super legate status on the TFA community page, TFA removes its members and creates a new entry in the community page for themselves. Open animosity ensues in both organisations Discord servers culminating in TFA members spamming pornography in the DSI discord. TFA apologizes for the misbehaviour of its members.

Dual Insider broadcasts a breaking news segment clarifying the TFA/DSI break up, citing allegations of poaching and spamming from TFA’s side following their departure.

Red Wood Industries, after a growth spike from their video in August, lose almost all their members following an undisclosed dispute with an administration personnel. It fell from the community portal’s second page with approximately 140 members to a low 13 members. A statement released by the CEO indicated that an unnamed legate had been dismissed for undisclosed reasons and had proceeded to kick members from the organization in retaliation. Red Wood Industries has since climbed back up to approximately 40 members as of the time of writing.




November 2018

The TFA/DSI disagreement rages on as YouTube channel Ark Central publish their October community and news report; The DSI/TFA clash is reiterated in more details, confirming indiscretions from both sides.

Dual Insider publishes their October update, including more comments on the TFA/DSI scandal and also direct criticism of Ark Central’s way of reporting on the said conflict.

While both parties are guilty of bad-mouthing each other in their own discords, following these events both TFA and DSI wish to move on, putting the mess behind them.

New Genesis continues its crusade to spread its crusader memes in the Vortrex Mining And Science Inc and The Federation Alpha Discord servers.

The Federation Alpha officially declared an alliance with the Solar Empire; the agreement stipulates a mutual engagement to permanent contact and communication, reciprocal military support, joint peace offers, as well as cooperation in war, commerce, and research.

The Eldritch Nation reveals the existence of the Grand Exodus, an initiative run by a group called Arch Confederacy; this group includes the Eldritch Nation, Terran Union, Dark Star Imperium and New Genesis.
New Genesis left the Aeonian Federation to join the Arch Confederacy.

The Diverse Unified Accord and the Aeonian Federation officially merge: DUA leadership are integrated into AFED’s and structures are reworked, including Discord.


Dual Universe Community

This article would not be possible without the community-driven projects like DU Sleepers, DU Historical Society, and Outpost Zebra. Though these are far from the only community-driven projects.

These range from DUFM, a music radio station with adverts for dual universe organisations, to Silverlight Industries holding talks with pirates, to showcasing luxury spaceships, to a community spotlight on the talented leader of the Outfit.

This officially and finally concludes the State of Affairs (pre-alpha) series. Judging from what has come before, expect Alpha to be filled with drama and a pinch of salt, that will be covered in State of Affairs (alpha).

Though for the majority of organisations, may you find peace and tranquillity.

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