In some MMO games, they are called “guilds”, in others “corporations”, in Dual Universe a group of players can band together in what is called an “organisation”. Organisations form the backbone of the economy, warfare, and politics in Dual Universe. The interplay between organisations has been occurring long before any player could log into the game.

This series covers the trials and celebrations of organisations since they could be created on the Dual Universe community web page. The first rumblings occurred during Pre-Alpha from early 2016 till late November 2018, the details of which can be found in “State of Affairs – Pre-Alpha” part 1, part 2, and part 3.

The following is a timeline that covers noteworthy occurrences in the top 20 organisations, members wise, in the time period from the end of November 2018 until the beginning of July 2019. Other organisations are also mentioned, usually due to their dealings with the largest organisations. Player names are not mentioned in these timelines, and links are provided for those that wish to read more. Organisations marked with an asterisk (*) have since changed their name or no longer exist.


As Alpha 1 starts, The Eldritch Nation (TEN) reveals the existence of the Grand Exodus, an initiative run by the Arch Confederacy; a conglomerate that includes the Eldritch Nation, Terran Union (TU), Hyperion (HYP), Dark Star Imperium (DSI) and New Genesis (NG).


The Astrum Empire and Pigeon Engineering Corps and Didact Development Group join the Aeonian Federation*.

The United Empire* (previously United Earth Empire) declare hostilities towards Dark Star Imperium. Later, PEK and New Genesis join DSI in declaring themselves against The United Empire.

Band Of Outlaws claims J.C.’s Castle. 

The United Empire* and The Federation Alpha’s (TFA) leaders share stern words, seemingly sparked by the former.

January 2019

The United Empire’s* leader briefly swears allegiance to New Genesis before being denounced as a conspirator and heretic.

The Old Guard of Gaia, Dynamic Aerospace Industries, and Galactic Fleet Systems join the Aeonian Federation’s member organizations. Later, Old Guard of Gaia leaves the federation having joined due to a misunderstanding with what membership entails.

Luminous start their Haven Feed service, using discord webhooks to transfer DU-related news updates straight to subscribed discord servers.

The Executive Producer/CEO and Editor of Ark Central, a Dual Universe newsgroup, both depart, motivated by IRL priorities. Successors are appointed and creation of DU-related news videos continue.

Having experienced management efficiency issues, Silverlight Industries (SLI)  institute reforms. The previously uneventful organisation recreate their management team and restructure sections between Production, Logistics, Operations and Security. There is also some grumbling due to demotions.

The United Empire’s* leader, known to be bearing a grudge against Dark Star Imperium’s leader, spreads distressing video-verified documentation to several DU news outlets, including Ark Central, implicating the DSI leader took part in racial slurs, unsavoury photosends, and admittance of usage of alternate accounts allegedly in order to reach DU Community’s portals front page. The ‘evidence’ is also sent to Novaquark.

Arch Confederacy is officially formed by being created on the community site. A representative of most organisations that belong to it, joins as a member.


Dual Insider* publish their January update, defending Dark Star Imperium against The United Empire’s* recent allegations, and accusing some Ark Central and Terran Union members of participating in doxxing actions, but also admitting the truth of some of the incriminating documentation that, they maintain, was twisted to fit The United Empire’s narrative.

Novaquark reminds the DU community what is acceptable and what is not.

Ark Central’s belated January update makes no comment on allegations made against them.

Following the departure of their leader, GLSU* restructure and rename themselves to Genova Federation, their numbers seemingly remnants from their glory days.

The Federation Alpha (TFA) and The Solar Empire (TSE) sign a Dual Citizenship Agreement.

Novaquark announces the results of long-pending investigations. 
The first investigation involving Dark Star Imperium, The United Empire* (previously United Earth Empire), and Trinity Star Union* results in:

  • The permanent ban of DSI’s leader and resetting DSI’s member count on the community site being reset to one, partly due to the use of ghost accounts to artificially boost numbers.
  • The permanent ban of The United Empires leader. The United Empire leave Dual Universe.
  • The permanent ban of the leader of the Trinity Star Union (That previously attempted a coup in DSI – see State of Affairs Pre-alpha). Trinity Star Union leave Dual Universe.
  • At the same time the producer of Dual Insider, and accounts he has access to are permanently banned (previously of The Void Republic* – see State of Affairs Pre-alpha). 

The second investigation, involving New Genesis, results in the New Genesis leader being temporarily suspended from Dual Universe and New Genesis’ member count on the community page being reset to one due to the use of ghost accounts to artificially boost numbers.

Following the drastic resizing of Dark Star Imperium and New Genesis and the ensuing reactions, Terran Union decides to terminate their participation in the Arch Confederacy, citing a “poisoned position”. Tranquillity adopts a publicly hostile stance towards all the banned players, the hostility is returned by DSI’s leader in some Discord servers. Tranquillity’s leader tempers his declarations by issuing offers of talks with both DSI and NG.
The Solar Empire post a recruitment campaign clearly orientated towards possible dissidents from DSI or NG.


Unabated by their producer’s ban from Dual Universe, Dual Insider* publish their February recap, vowing to avoid further coverage of any “drama” material.
Later in the same month, Dual Insider rebrand to “Open World Hub” expanding to cover other games.

The Silverlight Industries Production Coordinator makes his exodus from the organisation, citing the questionable morality of an organisation far too bureaucratic and corporate for his liking. Later, he joins Object Driveyards (ODY).

Novaquark makes clarifications about the recent community bans and the reasons why they were issued. Among others, NQ warns that being an organisation leader or a creator of high-quality content does “not give a free pass on toxic behaviour and/or bad practices that could damage the Community as a whole”. They clarify that each of their decisions is final, not to be questioned, and there would be consequences for any organisation harbouring a banned player.

Sector Protectorate leaves Genova Federation in response to their recent unifying reform.

Hyperion (HYP) celebrate reaching 300 members.

Designed by members from Dark Star Imperium and New Genesis, sponsored by various organisations from the Arch Confederacy and promoted by SpartanCast and Open World Hub, Dual Universe Stellar Transmissions, or D.U.S.T., upload their first video.

Empire makes public their broadcast channel, tested 3 months ago.


Open World Hub publishes their DU update for March, forfeiting all community news in order to accommodate their recent change of formula. Open World Hub publish their DU update for March, and of the time of this writing, have not released another DU related video since.

Novaquark covers the maiden flight of the biggest and most elaborate ship to date in Alpha-1: “Newton’s Folly”, designed by builders under Objective Driveyards’s supervision.

Official DU Discord celebrates its 5000 members milestone with a pack giveaway.

After a long period of observation from afar, FrogSwarm open again for Dual Universe recruitment.

Arch Confederacy’s news channel D.U.S.T. enter and get advertisement privilege in many community Discord channels, promoting their latest interview with the Eldritch Nation. This is questioned by some community members that realize that D.U.S.T.’s manager and host (the leader of DSI) is officially banned from Dual Universe. 

New Roma joins The Aeonian Federation* and celebrates reaching Archon status within Arch Confederacy.


DUST (Dual Universe Stellar Transmission) continues its monthly Dual Universe recap with its April update picking up where Dual Insider/Open World Hub stopped.

Terran Union goes public with their CCPA project. Their spokesperson says the Contractual Cooperative Peace Accord, which is not placed under TU’s authority, is “based off hard-learned experiences, from mistakes observed from the operations and development of organizations like COPS, ACS, CSYN” and “aims to create an environment that can provide for the defense of its members while allowing them to retain their sovereignty, as well as giving them options for political, territorial, and economic growth” with “an equal voice in any and all decisions.” While a couple of organisations have joined the CCPA, the TU is not included in their ranks.

After several weeks of uncertainty, news outlet Ark Central is officially declared “on hiatus until further notice”. This follows after a long period of absenteeism of its Executive Producer.


The Aeonian Federation* morph to Pantheon Voidworks* after careful and discreet deliberation with their partners and keeping communication on the change to minimal.
Pantheon Voidworks, ex-AFED, give some details about their recent transformation from political alliance to “industrial corporate-state”; their FRDA program and Archon position within Arch Confederacy remain.

This name change does not last long, as Meridian Jumpworks* and Pantheon Voidworks merge to form Pantheon Jumpworks, a corporate-state goods-manufacturer and service-provider.

Silverlight Industries’ management removes a long-time member from their ranks, citing multiple infractions such as abuse of power, negligence, complications with other members and recent suspicious activity.

Empire celebrates reaching 400 members.

Terran Union’s Court of Justice attends their first trial, to settle a grave matter.

Golden Oak Industries join Pantheon Jumpworks.

Silverlight Industries’ June Members Meeting reveals the full restructuring of their departments after their Operations Coordinator steps down due to real-life priorities. SLI leadership maintains SLI has changed for the better. 


The beginning of July is uneventful as Alpha 2 kicks off with organisations furiously testing and recruiting new Noveans to their cause.


Alpha 1 showed the tenacity of organisations like New Genesis and Dark Star Imperium with both back in the top 10 organisations by the start of Alpha 2, despite their member count on the community page being reset. While Dark Star Imperium, a multi-game group, will continue to have its banned leader as their Emperor lore-wise, another leader is appointed to lead those in Dual Universe.

Alpha 1 was a hard knock on active Dual Universe news channels, with Ark Central closing its doors, Open World Hub no longer doing monthly instalments, and DUST’s June update running a bit late. DualFR started one in March, but so far has aired a single video at the time of writing.

In the meanwhile, SpartanCast continues to cast.

A Special thanks to community-driven projects like DU Sleepers, DU Historical Society, and Outpost Zebra without which this could not be possible. But most of all thanks to the people driving the organisations in Dual Universe: sometimes it is a far too thankless undertaking.

Images are available from Dual Universe Twitter.

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