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Organisation close up: The Eldritch Nation

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Greetings and salutations citizens, today I had the chance to meet with Zamaro from The Eldritch Nation. Usually, I would describe my travels to reach my destination but, for this interview, things were a bit…different. How different? I was asked to sign an NDA in a room without windows by a grim faced man. I would like to say the two men behind my chair weren’t as threatening, but I wasn’t allowed to look at their faces. The Eldritch Nation is an organisation that has its feet firmly planted in military doctrine. As such, the NDA was just the first process in a month long series of processes to check my background to see if posed a security risk. I say a month long, because that’s how long I was aware that my Alioth Defence Force sticker was missing from my door.

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Three Governmental Paradigms in Dual Universe Organizations

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Let’s start from the premise that any type of organization in Dual Universe or any other online game with a guild functionality, can be great fun and perfectly viable for its members. Provided the group as a whole flows well together, despite the organizational structure and coordination being defective or less than optimal. On the other hand, people usually join organisations because they resonate with them or feel attracted by something they see on them. To put it very simply, each organization (offers something that) meets the demand of a player. Who in turn will join by affinity or perhaps because their friends have joined. For example, if you feel like a pirate and find a clan of pirates that you like. A clan where everybody understand each other well or are in one way or another related, will provide many possibilities to work well together and have fun while doing so. 

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Dual Universe State of Affairs – Pre-alpha (part 2)


Even before players could place a single voxel in pre-alpha Dual Universe, there are those in the many established organisations that (still) know: the game has already begun. 

The previous article, Dual Universe State of Affairs – Pre-alpha (part 1), gave a brief summary of the interplay between organisations from early 2016 to July 2017. This article covers events from late July 2017 till February 2018. These are events that affected the top 20 organisations of Dual Universe. Organisations marked with an asterisk (*) have since changed their name or no longer exist. Follow me below for the second pre-alpha update. 

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