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To loot or not to loot, that is the question. Part 2.

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The environment surrounding the state of Dual Universe Access Coupons (DAC) can at best be described as passionate. At worst, it’s nothing short of toxic. The sides for and against DAC being ‘lootable’ are each convinced that their opinion represents the interests of the game and the respective player base.
The word ‘lootable’ or ‘unlootable’ is what all the trouble’s about. There are two distinct camps in this argument. The first camp believes DAC should be an item within Dual Universe, exempt from risk mechanics. It represents the real money investment in the form of subscription paid for by a player at one point in time. The other camp is of the opinion that DACs, like all in-game items, should be subject to the same rules as befits emergent gameplay. In other words, if DAC is inside the game, risk must apply to it as it does to everything else.

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To loot or not to loot, that is the question. Part 1.

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When NQ first announced that DAC was a completely safe resource the community responded very passionately. Some people were relieved to hear that DAC would be safe from loss but a good number of people quickly raised their voices in disagreement. For this article I thought it might be interesting to see where the staff behind Oz stands on the subject. Originally this article would offer all of our opinions in one article but when compiling the opinions I decided to make it into a 2 part series. To keep the article within reasonable word count. And I should mention that these are nothing more than our opinions and in no way an indication as to what NQ ultimately decides to do with DAC. There are many good reasons on both sides of the discussion and either decision has the potential to create a dramatic ripple effect on the future behaviour of the players and the future of Dual Universe.

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Three Governmental Paradigms in Dual Universe Organizations

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Let’s start from the premise that any type of organization in Dual Universe or any other online game with a guild functionality, can be great fun and perfectly viable for its members. Provided the group as a whole flows well together, despite the organizational structure and coordination being defective or less than optimal. On the other hand, people usually join organisations because they resonate with them or feel attracted by something they see on them. To put it very simply, each organization (offers something that) meets the demand of a player. Who in turn will join by affinity or perhaps because their friends have joined. For example, if you feel like a pirate and find a clan of pirates that you like. A clan where everybody understand each other well or are in one way or another related, will provide many possibilities to work well together and have fun while doing so. 

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