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Chronicles of Tranquility – Daybreak

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Tranquillity_LogoI – Starfall

“No! Noo! Nooo! Close your eyes, Aaron!” And while a bright flash filled the room, my memory started fading away.

It was a dark and stormy night in the second decade of the Third War of Sephirex Prime. In a rundown motel, a beeper was thrown at the wall, crashing as it hit. I was awake, my heart was still beating from the dream I had and the bottles of yesterday’s reunion were lying all around; just like the blond and red-haired resistance fighters, I took home. The red light of the system’s star glowed through the windows. I could only think of myself as lucky to have found the perfect princesses in the middle of this war-torn system.

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Frozen in time, Prologue.

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Powerless. Exasperated. Tired of being a prisoner in her own mind. She knew this dream; she knew the faces of the surreal men and women that shouted her name with echoes in their voices and professional fear in their eyes. She knew the stinging brightness of the surgical lights that disturbed her sight. She knew the numb coldness that enveloped her being and the aching of her stiff bones. She remembered the small scratch above the glowing lintel. The irritating feeling of water in her nostrils and ears; the smooth, bland and cold feel of the white plastic sheet beneath her; the cold, glossy metal rails on either side; the sharp smell of iodine and the bitter smell of the room; the white marble floors; and the grey ceiling above her…She knew them.
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Beyond the Solo Organization

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About the author:

I live in a beautiful, old town in Wisconsin.  For the last forty years, I have been a programmer, all the time at the same job, but I will be retiring the end of this summer.

I enjoy writing.  Besides what I have written for Dual Universe, I have several stories at: https://www.Writing.Com/authors/xylch

I have played more single player games than online ones, mostly building games like Space Engineers or role-playing games like Fallout or the Elder Scrolls series.  I have tried several MMO’s but most of the time, my only interaction with the other players has been an occasional conversation.  It is rather surprising to me how much Dual Universe has drawn me into its community, even before there is anything to play.

– Ben Fargo

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