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To loot or not to loot, that is the question. Part 2.

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The environment surrounding the state of Dual Universe Access Coupons (DAC) can at best be described as passionate. At worst, it’s nothing short of toxic. The sides for and against DAC being ‘lootable’ are each convinced that their opinion represents the interests of the game and the respective player base.
The word ‘lootable’ or ‘unlootable’ is what all the trouble’s about. There are two distinct camps in this argument. The first camp believes DAC should be an item within Dual Universe, exempt from risk mechanics. It represents the real money investment in the form of subscription paid for by a player at one point in time. The other camp is of the opinion that DACs, like all in-game items, should be subject to the same rules as befits emergent gameplay. In other words, if DAC is inside the game, risk must apply to it as it does to everything else.

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Mosaic Fan Art from yamamushi

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Recently, yamamushi made some beautiful fan pictures of Dual Universe. Using the profile images of the Dual Universe Discord server, he created superimposed mosaics of Dual Universe Pictures. Check out the images below:


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Frozen in time, Prologue.

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Powerless. Exasperated. Tired of being a prisoner in her own mind. She knew this dream; she knew the faces of the surreal men and women that shouted her name with echoes in their voices and professional fear in their eyes. She knew the stinging brightness of the surgical lights that disturbed her sight. She knew the numb coldness that enveloped her being and the aching of her stiff bones. She remembered the small scratch above the glowing lintel. The irritating feeling of water in her nostrils and ears; the smooth, bland and cold feel of the white plastic sheet beneath her; the cold, glossy metal rails on either side; the sharp smell of iodine and the bitter smell of the room; the white marble floors; and the grey ceiling above her…She knew them.
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