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Organisation close up: The Eldritch Nation

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Greetings and salutations citizens, today I had the chance to meet with Zamaro from The Eldritch Nation. Usually, I would describe my travels to reach my destination but, for this interview, things were a bit…different. How different? I was asked to sign an NDA in a room without windows by a grim faced man. I would like to say the two men behind my chair weren’t as threatening, but I wasn’t allowed to look at their faces. The Eldritch Nation is an organisation that has its feet firmly planted in military doctrine. As such, the NDA was just the first process in a month long series of processes to check my background to see if posed a security risk. I say a month long, because that’s how long I was aware that my Alioth Defence Force sticker was missing from my door.

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To loot or not to loot, that is the question. Part 1.

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When NQ first announced that DAC was a completely safe resource the community responded very passionately. Some people were relieved to hear that DAC would be safe from loss but a good number of people quickly raised their voices in disagreement. For this article I thought it might be interesting to see where the staff behind Oz stands on the subject. Originally this article would offer all of our opinions in one article but when compiling the opinions I decided to make it into a 2 part series. To keep the article within reasonable word count. And I should mention that these are nothing more than our opinions and in no way an indication as to what NQ ultimately decides to do with DAC. There are many good reasons on both sides of the discussion and either decision has the potential to create a dramatic ripple effect on the future behaviour of the players and the future of Dual Universe.

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Organisation close up: Objective Driveyards

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Hello again everyone.

Ever so rarely, you get the chance to speak with famous people. Not famous because of what they have, famous because of what they have achieved. Today, I was meeting with a whole group of that kind. Under the expansive sky, only one thing was more imposing than the troubling realisation that I was at the wheel: the production centre of Objective Driveyards.  It was easy enough to get lost in the intricate details of the elaborate metalwork ODY called shipyards and more than once, I found myself literally following the clean lines that decorated modern structures with the craft. It’s a good thing collision alarms work as advertised these days.  Not to be outdone by the aesthetics of the ODY facilities, the control tower was as clear cut and precise as the features that distinguished the HQ from the rest of landscaping art that was the heart of DU’s most productive shipyards.
It took only a minute for my craft to land among other vehicles superior in both size and looks. For some reason, even the landing pads on my craft looked outdated on the brushed metal ground.

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