This edition delves into the mind of FleetAdmiralCoke, the leader of the Terran Union (TU). Currently Dual Universe's largest organisation, the TU had made it so far and it has kept growing. We ask the leader about his organisation's past, present and future. Tune in regularly for more!


Novaquark’s Dual Universe is by all accounts an ambitious game in the making. Promising a pioneering server technology, in-depth sandbox features, and an infinite number of detailed planets, the game has captivated the minds of thousands of players. Despite a strict non-disclosure agreement, the fascinated and curious alike continue to gather in droves. A claimed policy of openness and community interaction has sparked a self-sustaining cycle of community generated content. Though the game is still in its pre-alpha stage, its community site boasts over 2,000 organisations and the official community Discord (founded by a player – but now run by the game’s developers), has over 2,500 members.

As the game moves onto the Alpha 1 Stage, provided in its development timeline, Outpost Zebra meets the game’s most popular organisations and asks the questions that matter.


The Terran Union is currently Dual Universe’s largest organisation. Sitting at just over eight hundred and fifty members, it was officially formed on the same day the Dual Universe Community page launched; on July 10th, 2016. We asked its leader: FleetAdmiralCoke how he would have described his organisation a year ago.

‘Wow. That’s big… about a year ago is when we were celebrating hitting the 500-member milestone. Now as we sit at 850, it’s hard to believe the rate at which people are joining.’

His current description of the organisation is just as witty.

‘Even bigger now.’

According to him, the Terran Union (TU) has always prided itself in being a very original organisation, taking influences from games they love and adapting them to Dual Universe (DU). He doesn’t think it’s likely to change in the future. That being said, all is not rosy: FleetAdmiralCoke confesses that the organisation seems to have an image problem. Detractions range from their member size to bureaucracy.

Criticism aside, handling an organisation with over eight-hundred members takes a lot of planning. As he looks into the Beta phase of Dual Universe, logistics, exploration and city-building are at the forefront of his mind. When posed with the prospect of combat, his answer was less enthusiastic:

‘Combat is on everyone’s mind, isn’t it?’

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, he alleges that the majority of the Terran Union’s citizens are more interested in crafting, exploration and building civilisations than combat-related activities.

‘We’ve found that a lot of gamers are drawn to DU because of the incredible potential to build civilizations in a way that other games just never have before, and we aim to provide a home for those players as well as the combat-driven ones.’

As expected of a game in pre-alpha, many players are drawn by the plethora of planned mechanics and prospects of creative freedom. In his opinion, the planned ‘Empires Expand’ Beta release is the most important stage of the game’s intended improvements.

‘We believe that Novaquark has an excellent potential to excel in this area, as civilization building is a core part of the game and we would love to see them push the boundaries on how we can all interact with each other.’

Notwithstanding, he would give his organisation a score of 5/10 when gauging its involvement with the greater Dual Universe community. That doesn’t stop the Terran Union from having allies – of which the Hyperion Corporation is the closest:

‘They’re committed to being able to provide solutions for most of our needs and we’re honoured to be partnered with them going forward and building the foundations of our economy.’

If things go south, however, the Terran Union has its own wish-list of organisations it wants on its side. It’s no surprise that the organisations listed are all part of SEN.

‘…These are The Eldritch Nation, Empire, Dark Star Imperium, The Solar Empire, Silverlight Industries, and Hyperion Corporation.  I think we have an understanding that each of us has our various strengths, and together we can equal much greater than the sum of our parts.  It’s definitely a relief knowing that we have each other’s backs if any of us should fall on difficult times.’

He takes a more lacklustre look at the potential disruption combat mechanics will bring to the game.

‘…almost all of the organizations are allies or neutral to each other, but they’re all challenging each other to build bigger and better ships and weapons.  Eventually, everyone’s going to want to try out their new toys on each other, so I imagine we’ll be wanting to arrange some good old space battles to keep ourselves occupied.  At least until an aggressor shows up, in which case we’ll all have a lot of guns to point back.’


If the Terran Union were to be embodied, FleetAdmiralCoke fancies the organisation taking the form of a lion.

‘I’d like to think we’re dignified and gracious like lions generally are…we understand that we likely won’t be [in] the top spot forever and we welcome the challenge to make the community better as a whole.’

Many MMOs have quirky or hilarious groups and Dual Universe is definitely not an exception. Which one of the 2000+ organisation names made him laugh the most?

‘OK-signs.  Hands down.’


At the start of the chat, we asked where the Terran Union takes its inspiration from. We couldn’t help but wonder if the Terran Union existed in a space opera, what side would it take?

‘Probably Star Trek’s United Federation or Star Wars’ Old Republic… I would imagine we would act as an important member of each.’

When taking sides becomes imperative, defence and weaponry cannot be left out. FleetAdmiralCoke clearly prefers the speeding kinetic payloads:

‘I mean nukes are cool, but kinetic hypersonic missiles sound outright awesome.


In rounding up, we parted with one last question. Jar Jar Binks and C3PO are both famous (or infamous) characters in Star Wars each with their fans and haters. If either were to serve as a First Mate, which would the Terran Union’s leader have the nerve to tolerate?

‘At least C3PO knows six million different forms of communication.’


If you are interested in becoming a citizen of the Terran Union or curiosity is tugging at your sleeves, feel free to stop by their Discord server here. In the next edition, we’ll be looking at a different kind of Empire…The Empire.

Many thanks to FleetAdmiralCoke for his patience and time with our questions.