Novaquark’s Dual Universe, is by all accounts an ambitious game in the making. Promising a pioneering server technology, in-depth sandbox features, and an infinite number of detailed planets, the game has captivated the minds of thousands of players. Despite a strict non-disclosure agreement, the fascinated and curious alike continue to gather in droves. A claimed policy of openness and community interaction has sparked a self-sustaining cycle of community generated content. Though the game is still in its pre-alpha stage, its community site boasts over 2,000 organisations and the official community Discord (founded by a player – but now run by the game’s developers), has over 2,500 members.

As the game moves onto the Alpha 1 Stage, provided in its development timeline, Outpost Zebra meets the game’s most popular organisations, and asks the questions that matter.

Arguably Dual Universe’s foremost military organisation, The Eldritch Nation is led by Zamarus, also known as Zamaro REDACTED, Zamaro and REDACTED. We don’t know why he keeps a vast selection of similar names, but we didn’t bother asking. During the course of the interview, we were often met with a dismissal air that promptly let us know we were not to ask further or press the issue. While surrounded by several armed guards, we were only too happy to skip over those enquiries. We must applaud Zamarus/Zamaro REDACTED/Zamaro/REDACTED for one thing: he wastes no time in giving a concise answer. Whether it was his nature or a desire to get a meddling team of journalists away from REDACTED, we’ll never know.

We kicked off the interview with the usual: when was The Eldritch Nation formed?

‘June, 2017.’

See? Concise.

In his words, The Eldritch Nation (TEN) was formed through vigorous brainstorming sessions with a former minister from TU: REDACTED. The idea of something dark and serious was there right from the very beginning. They needed something that would fit the with the grimness and style of ancient knights. Initially designed to completely exclude civilians, Zamaro and REDACTED took a tactical retreat from that idea. While the Eldritch Order was the preferred name, lowering the drawbridge to non-military participants forced a name update to the Eldritch Nation. Whether or not civilians are plain clothes officers, is something we are not allowed to discuss. Though, it’s safe to assume harassing a TEN civilian will generally be a bad idea.

‘Military and Unity.’

That’s how the founder of the Eldritch Nation would have described the organisation a year ago. We asked what made him choose those three words. ‘Military’ was understandable, but ‘Unity’ was a bit harder to grasp.

‘Simply due to the fact that the org was made up of 90% military…pretty good unity since the REDACTED days.’

We were left wondering about that figure. An organisation with only a tenth being civilian? Was that even possible?

‘Are you insinuating that there’s another truth alternate to what the First Representative just stated?’ A soldier behind us asked, a hand on his rifle.

We looked back to see Zamaro smirking and relaxing into his chair. Shivers crawled down my spine as two soldiers moved closer.

‘No, no. We were curious – that’s all.’ I said, eager to move on to the next question.

‘You said “Military and Unity” are how you describe what your organisation looked like a year ago. What of now?’

‘Sovereign Militaristic Nation.’ He said flatly. The soldiers stayed where they were – doing an excellent job of keeping the pressure up.

The two organisations we have interviewed have had one issue or the other with their public image. We certainly were disappointed when Zamaro said he had no issues with either public image or his organisation’s members. The massive painting of a firing squad provided some enlightenment on how he kept the members in line.

‘…But having an artist or two wouldn’t hurt…’ He remarked almost to himself.

Have TEN’s members ever done something that made him feel proud of them?

‘The split. When we parted ways with TU, I found almost every single member to be loyal to us in the military leadership. I have great faith in the loyalty of the average member.’ He said, looking at a digital roster of TEN members that displayed on the walls. I took note of the pictures tinted with a red hue. There was no need asking what happened to them – the painting of the firing squad answered everything.

‘There’s been a lot of political events in Dual Universe: which one had the greatest impact on TEN?’

‘The fall of CSYN.’ He said with a chuckle. 

‘Did you cause that?’ I asked, curious for some inside story.

He looked up, frowned and the temperature dropped by several degrees.

I cleared my throat and moved to the next question.

‘To what extent do you think your organisation’s operations will change in the coming year?’

‘As soon as PVP exists, you’ll see us doing quite a lot.’


In two years from now, he sees his organisation as a more experienced nation when it comes to administration and REDACTED. Other than combat, the Eldritch Nation is quite interested in fast crafts, gambling [REDACTED]. As far as endgames go, he envisions an entire planet under TEN’s authority. Battles are a must have in his vision – ‘mandatory’ in his words. The reason the organisation exists is to balance political favours with conflict.

As stated before, there’s lots of mechanics to be introduced in the future of the game. Zamaro takes a relaxed look at how they might affect relations between organisations. 

‘But which ones will be the most disruptive?’

‘Either territorial mechanics or trade ones. We’ll see which.’ He said with a dismissive wave.

Speaking of relations with other organisations, how much does TEN relate with Dual Universe as a whole? We asked him to rate himself.

‘TEN/ten.’ He said and laughed.

The soldiers laughed around us. I was a bit too late to join in – a prod from a combatant behind jerked me to tear-filled laughter.

‘We’ve had our fair share of political REDACTED and we have continuous relations with most major orgs.’

Despite political REDACTED, allies are certainly important for an organisation as large as his. But, Zamaro was a bit tight-lipped in that category. We asked him what organisation The Eldritch Nation had the best relations with.

‘Hard to say, it’s pretty split…’

I waited for a while, not daring to ask. Eventually, the patience won the battle:


Military clout and preparedness aside, if a war should prove to much for TEN to handle alone, what five allies would they hold close and why?

‘Well, ally may not fit in all cases…I will not explain why however [period].’

I took the hint and moved on.

‘What organisations could give you a run for your Quanta or territory units?’

‘Well if it’s competition you ask for, I’ll answer from the stand point of having zero relations. I think REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED and some smaller one I wish not to reveal who they are yet.’  

So, TEN could be scared enough…Interesting. This revelation demanded some further investigation.

‘What organisation scares you the most?’ I asked, relaxing in my chair for the first time since entering the room.

He was quick to murder that idea.

‘None…and I think we want to keep it that way.’

A soldier cleared his throat to give me a signal that the time was almost up. I was made to understand prior to coming here that there was a maximum duration I could stay with limited freedom. Upon the expiration of that period, I would be considered a security risk. The painting of the firing squad became more vibrant.

‘Let’s imagine we were to embody your organisation. What mythical—’

‘Fenrisulven [Fenrir] being both bark and bite.’ He cut in.

‘If your organisation existed in Star Trek, Star Wars or Star Gate, what side—’

‘Certainly not the rebel scum at least.’

‘What shape would your support–?’

‘Trade and military support.’

‘Throughout this interview you didn’t mention trade once!’ I protested.

‘I will not tell you everything.’ He replied.

Curt replies, interrupted questions and a gloomy atmosphere was getting to me. I was more than eager now to wrap up the interview. 

‘Nukes or kinetic hypersonic missiles?’

‘[REDACTED] … We don’t reserve any sympathy for REDACTED our eventual enemies.’

‘Jar Jar Binks or C3PO?’

‘Preferably neither.’

If you think The Eldritch Nation’s aesthetics are to your liking, pack up the camp and bid your lover goodbye – it will be ages before you return home. Check out their Community Portal Page here or stop by their Discord server over here.

Next on the queue is an Empire of cosmic proportions. Stay tuned for more!