Outpost Zebra is a fan-run service for the upcoming sci-fi MMO game Dual Universe. The main idea of this website is to have a place to publish articles that discuss various facets of Dual Universe, ranging from the social aspects of the game, to the lore of the game’s universe, to its more technical mechanics and much, much more. Here are the dedicated individuals that give up their time to bring you all this amazing work.



Falstaf profile picture
The founder and creative mastermind behind Outpost Zebra.


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The man that knows it all! When he’s not writing for Outpost Zebra he’s hard at work making sure the official DU Wiki is up to date!


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The man. The myth. The legend. When he’s not writing short stories for the community to read, he’s writing for Outpost Zebra or managing HTX.


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The web developer and hosting supplier for Outpost Zebra. If things go wrong we blame him!


A special thank you goes out to everyone that has written and submitted content for Outpost Zebra. Without these people, we couldn’t have made Outpost Zebra what it is today.

  • Astrophil
  • Lethys
  • Kurock
  • Ben Fargo

If you would like to help out on Outpost Zebra then please get in touch with the Contact form. We are always looking for new content, whether its short stories or a piece of fan art that you want to show off, let us know!