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Month: May 2018

Organisation close up: Objective Driveyards

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Hello again everyone.

Ever so rarely, you get the chance to speak with famous people. Not famous because of what they have, famous because of what they have achieved. Today, I was meeting with a whole group of that kind. Under the expansive sky, only one thing was more imposing than the troubling realisation that I was at the wheel: the production centre of Objective Driveyards.  It was easy enough to get lost in the intricate details of the elaborate metalwork ODY called shipyards and more than once, I found myself literally following the clean lines that decorated modern structures with the craft. It’s a good thing collision alarms work as advertised these days.  Not to be outdone by the aesthetics of the ODY facilities, the control tower was as clear cut and precise as the features that distinguished the HQ from the rest of landscaping art that was the heart of DU’s most productive shipyards.
It took only a minute for my craft to land among other vehicles superior in both size and looks. For some reason, even the landing pads on my craft looked outdated on the brushed metal ground.

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Three Governmental Paradigms in Dual Universe Organizations

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Let’s start from the premise that any type of organization in Dual Universe or any other online game with a guild functionality, can be great fun and perfectly viable for its members. Provided the group as a whole flows well together, despite the organizational structure and coordination being defective or less than optimal. On the other hand, people usually join organisations because they resonate with them or feel attracted by something they see on them. To put it very simply, each organization (offers something that) meets the demand of a player. Who in turn will join by affinity or perhaps because their friends have joined. For example, if you feel like a pirate and find a clan of pirates that you like. A clan where everybody understand each other well or are in one way or another related, will provide many possibilities to work well together and have fun while doing so. 

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