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Month: March 2018

Are MMO’s Supposed To Be Boring?


Are MMO’s supposed to be boring?  It sounds like a foolish question.  We naturally assume being boring is a bad thing.  I have seen a number of comments by people who have pointed out aspects of Dual Universe that they consider boring.  Whether is it the length of time space travel takes, the need to mine resources manually or the limit on the weapons one person can operate, they all stress that unless these sources of boredom are eliminated, no one will want to play the game.  Perhaps they are right, but it might also be that in a certain sense, MMO’s should be boring.

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Mosaic Fan Art from yamamushi

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Recently, yamamushi made some beautiful fan pictures of Dual Universe. Using the profile images of the Dual Universe Discord server, he created superimposed mosaics of Dual Universe Pictures. Check out the images below:


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