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Month: July 2017

Anyone Can Script

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Many games today have some creative aspect to them, whether it be an in-game editor or an active mod community. Typically, players of these games have the ability to share whatever they make with the game’s community, and within these communities there always arise certain people that manage to make a name for themselves as a respectable and awesome content creator. Dual Universe will be no exception. If you’re the kind of person that would love to be renowned for their awesome creations, but believe that you just couldn’t, then this article is directed more towards you.

In Dual Universe, there will be markets. You can create a ship and sell it, or a blueprint of it, on the market. Your name will be attached to that ship; so if you can create great constructs, you can not only get rich from selling your creations but also make yourself more valuable as a player to potential organizations.

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Playstyles in a sandbox

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I am a very active member of the DU community and involved in several different fields. I took part in the Novawrimo contest, collect and write history for the Dual Universe Historical Society and I’m EU diplomat for BOO. I live in Austria (no kangaroos) and enjoy MMOs, tactical shooter and RTS games. For the past 8 years, I have been playing EVE online and it has definitely changed my point of view for MMO’s. Follow me down the break while I share some of my experiences.

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Dual Universe – State of Affairs Pre-alpha


The heart of an MMO are the players. Working alone is far less effective than banding together in an organised group. It stands to reason that organisations will shape Dual Universe. And they have since mid 2016. The interplay between the organisations is very much alive with deals being made and broken, with mergers and separations, and with spies and counter-spying to list but a few. While the game may not be a reality yet, the drama very much is.

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