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Month: May 2017

Bruce In Dangerland

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Join me on an interesting train of thought for a while, will you? What would it be like if our modern, typical player was to partake in the wave of people to leave the Arkship?  Now, close your eyes and breathe in deeply – no, this is not some yoga therapeutic class where I sit cross legged and wave eight arms around like an octopus, demanding you format your brain. This is a short trip you may think you know, but, I will let you know: a 21st century man, will definitely not find the Arkship experience funny.

Let us delve right in, shall we?

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Interactive Elements: Their Use and Potential

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In the Dual Universe March 2017 DevDiary video, we were given a teaser for some contraptions referred to as Interactive Elements. One of the examples shown was a pressure sensor; when the player stepped on top of the sensor, two lights were switched on. These elements make up a simple input/output system, explained below.

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