“Welcome colonists on this bright and beautiful day. I can promise you there will be hardships but before you lies the road ahead.”

Sometimes you learn about a game so exciting and promising that it consumes your every thought. You try your best to occupy yourself with your daily routine. While it sits there in the back of your mind. A few short inches below the seemingly calm surface. Patiently it circles around you like a great white biding its time.

You keep yourself busy in an attempt to forget all about it, to the best of your ability you try to be a productive member of today’s society. You keep repeating the phrase “It’s just a game, it’s just a game” like it is some exotic mantra to ward of evil. Yet despite your best efforts you just can’t stop thinking about it while that mischievous clock reminds you of the time ahead. With every whimsical tick and resounding tock you feel your sanity slipping  away. If only you could explain it, make them understand. But you have to be careful because to the uninitiated it would be seen as the obsession of a fool. So you play it cool. A passing comment here, a random remark there but deep down in that dark corner of your essence. You know, you know.

Welcome one and all to Outpost Zebra a blog dedicated to Dual Universe. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to say in this first entry. So I took a page out of Novaquark’s book and start by explaining the idea behind this website before we introduce the writers behind Outpost Zebra.

The first thing I want to make perfectly clear is, we are not journalists or reporters so we will never pretend to be objective or free of bias. Foremost we are ordinary people who just happen to be passionate about Dual Universe. Being human we have many flaws and regretfully don’t hold the ultimate answer to life the universe and everything. We will make mistakes and hopefully you, our esteemed reader  won’t hesitate to point those out to us.

Secondly we feel that there is never enough Dual Universe content and in the spirit of Dual Universe we took it upon ourselves to create some of that content. And just as it will be in game some of it will be good and some of it will be bad. But that won’t stop us from posting and engaging with the Dual Universe community.

Lastly our intention is to provide opinionated content on everything Dual Universe related on a regular basis. And I do mean everything. Unfortunately that means that it is inevitable that at some point someone will be upset or  offended. It will never be our intention to do either but these days it seems you can’t do anything without upsetting someone.

And because this is the internet its time for a…..


Nobody behind Outpost Zebra is in any way affiliated with Novaquark. The opinions presented in this blog are entirely our own and should in no way be understood to represent or express the opinion of Novaquark.

With that out of the way I think it’s time to, in no particular order, introduce the writers of Outpost Zebra.

My name is ATMLVE. I have always had a passion for creative video games that allow people to create things and share them with other players. My favourite game of all time is LittleBigPlanet, an old PS3 game, which I spent countless hours in when I was younger. And of course I love sci-fi too; so when a game combines creative elements and space,  I’m guaranteed to be interested! I heard about Dual Universe from the 2016 E3 trailer, but it was a few months after that before I really started to get involved with the community and make a pledge during the kickstarter. Since then I have enjoyed having discussions on the Dual Universe forums and getting to know some of the other people who are backing the game.

Throughout my creative gaming experience I have always been fond of solving things mechanically; in real life I love industry and active machines, where you can actually see the processes happening. However,  towards the end of my college career I developed an interest in programming, realising how much fun it can be to not only make a machine, but program it to move as well. I have been trying to learn how to code for some time now, but my favouritism towards the physical world (rather than the digital world of programming) has been a great hindrance to my coding aspirations. Nevertheless, I am determined to be a fluent LUA Dual Universe programmer, and I hope to make a name for myself and The Aether!

The eternal name of this one is Infinity; on the fly, I am The Owl; in good humour, call me Th3 J0k3r; and at leisure, I answer to Aetherios. Do not scratch your head, yet: there will be nothing left to do when we start conversing!

I am an anachronistic fellow, preferring my minted coffee black, and without milk or sugar; delighting in classical music, losing myself in masterworks of renaissance, digital and graphical art; and musing at the beauty of prose and poetry. My world resides in and outside my head, though I do wonder at times which one is the true reality. Despite my supposed proficiency in the art of conversation, I am always reluctant to talk. I find, most comfortable, a quiet cottage with a crackling fire in the hearth and me wrapped in warm sheets on a soft armchair, reading the best of novels and academic books.

Of course, my cats play with each other and cotton balls while several owls, perched on the armchair, peep over my head at the words in my book…and occasionally hiss. The last time I looked up from my books, my cottage was somewhere drifting through deep space. With large floor to ceiling windows, the beautiful splendour of the Universe is mine to stand in awe of, while a futuristic computer beeps quietly in my study. As for how the cottage got into space, that – my friends, is a story for another day.>

“Of all gods, wisest are they who pay unyielding attention to the events of old. In them lies the wisdom to control the present and the power to decide the future.”
–Whispers of Aetr 1:1

Greetings and salutations colonists my name is Falstaf. I love playing MMO’s and I see myself as a social player. I’m that guy hanging out at the space port bar talking to people. Remembering little details and connecting people with each other. However I stopped playing MMO’s some time ago. I suppose you could say that my definition of what an MMO is or should be stopped being accepted as The definition some time ago. Instead of trying every newly released MMO and feel disappointed I decided to retire from playing the genre, keeping an eye out for anyone trying to bring back my definition of MMO.

One of the beauties of life is how unpredictable it can be. Imagine my surprise when I learned of Novaquark and Dual Universe. Here we have a developer that seems to understand what we could gain by pushing the genre forward. A developer who understands that the solution is in part technology based and has the credentials to develop said technology. I could talk for hours explaining why I backed Dual Universe but that is perhaps better suited for a blog entry dedicated to the subject. I will end by saying that I love anything Sci-Fi related and will gladly spend my evening with you explaining the various sub genres and why a lot of things being passed of as Sci-Fi is just fantasy in disguise.

That’s enough introductions for now. As you can see the permanent writers behind Outpost Zebra have quite a diverse background. Why do I keep saying our permanent writers? You guessed it! Outpost Zebra invites its readers to suggest topics or even submit entire articles! Or how about sending us your Fan fiction to showcase it? Doesn’t that sound great? I certainly think it does, especially given how important user generated content will be for Dual Universe. Perhaps we can all learn something about us as a community along the way. I for one think we will see just how creative people can be if given the opportunity and proper motivation.

OK you got me on that one, there isn’t anything to gain by submitting to this blog beyond your 15 minutes of Dual Universe fame. But hey, we’ve all done crazier stuff for less. Am I right folks? No..? Just me?

Right moving on then. On a closing note I wanted to thank everyone who made this possible including everyone from team Novaquark, since without them there would be no game to talk about. I think its a testament to our community seeing this blog come alive. As soon as the idea was born I’ve seen nothing but support from everyone involved. It didn’t take much convincing to find the writers and just when I was shopping around for a domain one member of our amazing community, Kael, offered to take care of it for free, no questions asked. In the English language there are many beautiful sounding words but free remains my personal favourite.

However let me offer you some unsolicited advice, if someone in Dual Universe offers you free stuff. Proceed with extreme prejudice.

Please leave a comment down below and let us know what you think. With that said, ladies and gentlemen I bid you adieu.